Workouts that FIT

 Your Schedule, Your Fitness, Your Life


1. 3 Seasons like any professional

2. Beginner – 30 min 2xs a week equals 104 workouts a year!

3. Intermediate – 45 min 3xs to 4xs  a week

4. Advanced – 1 hr. above 5xs to 6xs a week

Beginner Workouts

Do for the first 1-3 months. 30 minute workouts. 3 times per week. Focus on getting used to the workouts, and going a little further EVERY time.

Intermediate Workouts

Work up to 45 min per workout.  Increase your sets and weight progressively.  Remember Progress= Happiness.

Advanced Workouts

1 hour or more.  Do extra sets, extra cardio, and more weight to continue to challenge you. But don’t forget that REST is when you grow.

None of the information contained here should be mistaken for medical advice.  Please consult a physician BEFORE starting any fitness or nutritional program.