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BodyFat Testing

How and Why

How to Determine Body Composition-

Equipment:   Typically done with a body fat enabled scale, or handheld bodyfat monitor.

Accuracy: 3-5% accuracy

The science: An imperceptible electric charge is sent through the body from one hand or foot to the other.  The rate of return is measured using an algorithm and known values and statistical norms of things like bone density, organ size, skin weight, etc.

Least effective when: You are dehydrated, overly muscular for your gender, very low body fat, or warm from a workout.

How to use it:  Your body fat is displayed as a percentage of overall weight (ex. 26%)

If you are 150 and 19.5% body fat, this means:

150*.195= 29.25 lbs of bodyfat

150*.74= 120.75 lbs of lean body mass

None of the information contained here should be mistaken for medical advice.  Please consult a physician BEFORE starting any fitness or nutritional program.