Finding Success Beyond the Scale


1. Your 2nd workout at JAM is setting your 5 beginner milestones. Don’t kill it just set a bar.

2. At your next workout, check your milestones at the kiosk, and try to beat ONE!  Log it.

3. After at least 3 attempts, move to the intermediate level. Repeat 3 times as before.

4. Return to beginner level and CRUSH your previous mark.

3 Levels of Milestones

Do each milestone at least 3 times before moving up- longer if you feel like you have not mastered the movement.  But after you have moved up, feel free to revisit earlier milestones to see even more improvement.

Beginner Milestones

Beginner Milestones include 1-mile run/walk, 500 m row, plank, pushups on knees or incline, and a dead hang. Intermediate and advanced build on these skills for longer distances and higher degrees of difficulty.


One of the biggest benefits of Fitness Milestones is their ability to help you bust through plateaus.  Sometimes the scale won’t budge. At those times, focusing on small improvements to your baselines will keep you motivated until the scale catches up.

None of the information contained here should be mistaken for medical advice.  Please consult a physician BEFORE starting any fitness or nutritional program.