Why it works

There are many benefits to classes, probably the most important is camaraderie. But in a busy life, class times can be tough to make. Challenges like the alarm clock not going off, the kids are sick, you have an urgent project at work. or traffic can get in your way. With strict times, if you are late, you are missing your workouts.

High Intensity Intervals work- to torch fat, and create a lean fit body.The science proves it. But every individual is different, with different injuries and limitations. Not everyone should or even wants to do the same exercise. And if you “do it anyway”, you get injured and you are missing your workouts.

Everyone needs a coach, even athletes. But trainers can be pricey ($30+ a session), inflexible in their schedule, or even disappear on you. Suddenly, you are missing your workouts because of someone else.

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