What Will YOU Become?

No one ever joins a gym to remain the same.  We are all trying to be more- thinner, stronger, faster, leaner, better.

JAM.Fitness has produced more transformations in 3 years, than most clubs EVER do.

You can be next- What will YOU become?



  • Lost 20lbs & 13% Bodyfat
  • Gained (regained) my inner athlete
  • Works out 5- 6 days/week


Age 41

I love the fact that JAM has taken away all my excuses for not working out!  I love the flexibility of being able to work out any time and the pre-programmed workouts so I don’t have to think about what exercises I should do that day.  I also like that it is close to my house – I’m legally blind and can’t drive, so most days I run to the gym.


Mama Lin

  • Lost 20lbs.
  • Gained better sleep
  • Works out 6 days/week

Age 60’s

The ability to change programs regularly and the feeling of accomplishment after every workout. The monthly challlenges are also fun tasks to master. It’s an extremely friendly atmoshpere with
No “gym shame” everyone just does their thing and there’s no judging. Super coaches, great equipment, very high tech with great instruction for each and every exercise.


  • Lost 50lbs.
  • Gained confidence
  • Works out 7 days/week

Age 20’s

I love the fact that my workouts are determined for me. I don’t have to worry about what part of my body I should be focusing on or if I need to do change my workout.


  • Lost 20lbs.
  • Gained Muscle
  • Works out 7 days/week

Age 48

I have lost about 20 pounds but I have also gained a lot of muscle mass back.
There are a few things that keep me motivated. First is the results that I see and how I feel on a daily basis. I am in much better shape than when I started. The second is the calorie counter that keeps track of how many calories I burn per month. Which keeps me motivated to maintain my daily weekly and monthly goals.


  • Lost 25lbs
  • Gained Stamina
  • Works out 4-5 days/week

Ladies Never Tell

I love JAM because of the convenience and flexibility. I can fit workouts around my schedule and I don’t have to fit my schedule around a class or an appointment. I have been to many different types of gyms (boot camps, groups, personal trainers) and this by far has been the easiest plan to stick to. 


  • Lost 22 lbs.
  • Gained endurance
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 17

As a highschooler I had spring break and prom to look forward to and wanted to have a body I was proud of. I also look how far I come since January and it motivates me to keep going.


  • Lost 20 lbs.
  • Gained strength
  • Works out 5 days/week

Age 40s

The main reason is I loathe the idea of starting over, thus I never quit! Unlike other gyms and health clubs, JAM provides an easy way for me to change things up in my workout rotation so as not to get bored, or worse, plateau.


  • Lost inches
  • Gained energy
  • Works out 5-6 days/week

Age 30’s

What I love most is not having to worry about class times. With three children and a husband who owns a small business, my days never look the same. I love that no matter what time of day I show up at the gym I will get an amazing workout and know exactly what to do. I also love that I can personalize my workout routine to help me reach my goals. I never get bored with my workouts because they are always changing.

Andrea K

  • Lost post-marathon weight
  • Gained endurance and strength
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 40’s

I love that it is open ALL the time with no class times. It works for me on my schedule. I love that there is no guessing; its like “workout for dummies”. I swipe my band and the screen shows me the exercises. It takes away all the excuses I had at other gyms to only do what I knew, cardio.


  • Lost 27lbs.
  • Gained a new healthier lifestyle.
  • Works out 6-7 days/week

Age 40’s

I love that there are no class times to get to. I also love that I can just come to the gym, swipe my JAM band, and not think about what I have to do. On a recent trip to NY, I went to a regular gym and wandered around not sure what I needed to do and how to do it.


  • Lost 25 lbs & 7% bodyfat
  • Gained a six pack
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 40’s

I like the unique and customizable workout programs that are catered to your personal fitness goals. I also like how the software creates the feeling of having a personal trainer with me whenever I am working out.


  • Lost 45 lbs.
  • Gained a new outlook
  • Works out 5-6 days/week

Age 30’s

I love the flexibility JAM provides with my schedule.Prior to JAM, I never knew what to do in the gym other than cardio. Now, I just swipe my band and it shows me exactly what exercises to do. 


  • Lost 45 lbs.
  • Gained positivity and energy
  • Works out 3-4 days/week

Age 40’s

I love that I can go anytime I want. I had joined a gym in the past but it was always crowded and I had no idea what to do, But at JAM I swipe my band and I know excatly what to do. It’s not the same workout everyday, I like how the workouts changes everyday/every week. Not the same old stuff everyday.


  • Lost 115 lbs.
  • Gained  adventure
  • Works out 6 days/week

Age 40’s

It starts with the numbers. I know if I burn 800-1,000 calories any given day, without measuring anything then I’ve started my day in the postive on the fitness spectrum. I know that’s a very broad outlook to start with, but it’s the small wins that can help lead to others that are a great starting point. From there, I feel JAM has helped me limit the liability of allowing myself to make excuses to not sustain a plan. For example, it is easy to walk into a gym without focus and not achieve gains if you don’t know on that given day exactly what you plan to do .


  • Lost 15 lbs and 6% body fat.
  • Gained easy motivation
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 40’s

The unique style at JAM is what keeps me going. I am not doing the same thing each day – every day is working on a different body part. Again, I see the results, so I stay motivated.


  • Lost 22 lbs. and 3 pants sizes
  • Gained consistency
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 50’s

 I love that JAM is open 24 hours and I can come and go as my schedule dictates. I love that with the help of the trainers I can create my own workouts and go into the system and change them around as I see fit. Although you will always see me on the treadmill I can always change up the second half of my workout to work on a specific body part.


  • Lost the “obese” label
  • Gained a fitter, happier lifestyle
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 30’s

The dynamic model at JAM is what keeps me going. I am not stuck to the same workout, I have constant suprises coming from the JAM team on workout challenges


  • Lost strength
  • Gained strength inside and out
  • Works out 4-6 days/week

Age 40’s

Physically, I am stronger and leaner. More importantly, I am more focused outside the gym and have learned to handle stress in a positive way.


  • Lost 66lbs
  • Gained his life back!
  • Works out 4 days/week

Age 50’s

My goals. My goals are to reach my target weight and improve my health for me and my children. I want to live a long, happy and healthy life. I want to see my children grow up and be there for them. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle is about more than just yourself. Do it for people around you too, it will change their lives.


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