Just About Me


(aka. JAM)

The world's first ever self-guided training facility with TrainerOnDemand. We make it easy. Just Swipe, Watch and Do. 

What You Get

24 Hour Access

Just About Me Fitness is a 24 hour guided fitness facility.  That means always available training on YOUR SCHEDULE. No appointments, no class times, no excuses!


  • Secured Key Access
  • Security Cameras
  • Panic Alarms

Heart Rate Monitor

Wear your heart rate monitor during every workout.  Our heart rate monitoring system lets you know what you are burning and how hard you are working.


  • Calorie targets Male 800 calorie and Female 500
  • Challenge your friends or yourself on the Leaderboard.
  • Workout Summary email
  • Use outside with our app (coming March 2019)


Our JAMBand allows you to access and track your personalized workout. Swipe to see your name and HR info in every lane.  Swipe to see your dashboard in JAMIE.


  • Your exercises will show with cues.
  • Lanes are marked off on screen as you finish them.
  • Don’t have to think- just do.

JAMIE Kiosk Support

With our interactive kiosk, you are never more than a click away from a trainer or tech support.


    • Just About Me Fitness Interactive Educator (JAMIE)
    • Swipe your JAMBAND to access
    • View and change workouts
    • Update goals and record assessments.
    • Chat for help with workouts and tech.
    • FAQs


Over 120 Workouts

You can customize any of the 120+ workout to meet you and your goals. Never get bored- always evolving.


  • Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced
  • 30-45-60 minutes or more- you choose.
  • Change one of our 120 preloaded plans or
  • Make your own with over 600 exercises!
  • Kickboxing- cardio- body part training, HIIT, you decide.

Fit3D Assessments

Our Fit3D scanner means that you can get assessments whenever you want.  No appointment needed.


  • Email and dashboard reminders when it is time to re-assess.
  • Bio impedence monitor measure bodyfat %.
  • Fit 3d takes measurements and comparisons.
  • See yourself as an avatar.
  • Confidential results emailed to you.
Please No Walk-ins. Use the Try Us button to schedule your FREE Workout.

In order to set you up properly and have your technology ready, we need to know your goals, level of fitness, and when you are coming before your workout.

What Does a


Look Like at JAM?


We know not everyone "gets it"

right out of the gate, so we put

together a short video so that you can

see what your workouts will  look like.

What Will YOU Become?

JAM.Fitness produces RESULTS! Our members show us that every day.  Already we have more testimonials and before /afters than most clubs will ever see.

I have lost about 20 pounds but I have also gained a lot of muscle mass back.
Two things motivate me: First is the results that I see and how I feel on a daily basis. I am in much better shape than when I started. The second is the calorie counter that keeps track of how many calories I burn per month.

You decide your commitment and how you want to pay.

Not Convinced Yet?

Try a workout on us. No obligation.


4620 Kimball Bridge Rd Suite 5 Alpharetta, GA 30005 view on google



 4620 Kimball Bridge Rd. Suite 5

Alpharetta, GA 30005



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